Emptying out the Sea

The Pelicans

Once two pelicans, a husband and his wife Gertrude, were going on a trip. Before they left, Gertrude laid some eggs near the ocean. Then the husband said to the Sea, “We are going on an ocean voyage. You must take care of these eggs for us. If we don’t find the eggs when we return, we’ll be heartbroken and compelled to empty you.”

The Sea agreed to take care of the eggs, and it kept them safe. A few days later the two pelicans came back, but they couldn’t find their precious eggs. They screamed at the Sea. The Sea wanted to give them the eggs, but it couldn’t find them. The birds cursed the Sea; they began taking out a drop of water at a time and throwing it on the land.

“We are going to empty you,” they said to the Sea.

Some little birds saw all this and they asked, “What are you doing?”

The pelicans replied, “We are punishing the Sea because it didn’t keep its promise to look after our eggs.”

The little birds thought it was a noble task and they joined the pelicans. After a while some bigger birds took up their cause. They also started taking out water of the Sea drop by drop. This went on for weeks and weeks.

One day the Great Bird (of divine origin) came and asked, “What are you doing?”

The birds said, “Can’t you see? We are emptying the Sea. ”

The Great Bird said, “You fools, how long will this take? You will never be able to do it. The Sea is vast, infinite.”

But the birds answered, “No, we have determination and perseverance.”

The Great Bird was very surprised and said, “Let me show them Compassion. I’ll ask The Lord of the Earth to help them. If The Lord of the Earth helps, then certainly they will be able to find their eggs. If the eggs are still in good condition, the Lord of the Earth will be able to return them. But if they are destroyed, he can do nothing for them.”

He went to The Lord of the Earth and said, “I have never seen fools like these. If you really care for fools, then will you do them a favor?” The Great Bird then told him the whole story.

The Lord of the Earth said, “No, they are not fools. They are showing the spirit of patience and perseverance. This is how beings must try to empty the ignorant Sea, drop by drop. It is what seekers must and should do. The ignorant Sea is vast. If a sincere seeker wants to empty it and replace it with knowledge, then they must do it the same way, drop by drop. I am very pleased with these birds. I will command the Sea to return the eggs.”

The Great Bird then said, “The Sea wanted to give them the eggs but it misplaced them and believes they are destroyed.”

The Lord of the Earth said, “I will use my psychic power to show the Sea where they are.”

He used his psychic power and the Sea immediately found the eggs and returned them to the pelicans. Then The Lord of the Earth said to the birds, “Perseverance, patience and self-giving are all of paramount importance to fulfilling one’s divine life journey.”


This beautiful story shows us how an attitude of perseverance can lead one to accomplish almost anything.

Whether you are new to the practice of meditation or are an older salt, perseverance ushers in greater success. Day after day, and week after week, set aside that special time each day to close your eyes and experience the wondrous realm of inner silence.

Setting time aside and making your practice part of your daily routine helps insure regulatory. On days that you are tired or busy you may be inclined to skip meditation, but sit down and practice anyway just because it’s that time. It will pay off.

It’s best not to learn meditation from a book or web site. Find a real instructor from a bonafide tradition. Seek like minded people and enjoy meditation and knowledge sessions in a group.

Too little meditation will get you nowhere. Too much meditation is not good either as the human body and nervous system needs time to change. A different physiological metabolic state is needed to support heightened awareness. We want a smooth transition. So follow your meditation instructor’s advice.

Teachers can point you in the right direction, provide knowledge and encouragement along the path, but they cannot enlighten you. That is something each of us must do on our own.

The Self plays hid-and-seek until we are ripe to find it. The Self choreographs all of the parts in creation, and we participate in the game donning on various disguises.

We live a life played out by the thoughts in our head. The ego identifies with those thoughts and claims them to be its own. That constant internal dialog is who we think we are. But underneath the river of thought is the silent Self. Through meditation you will shake hands with that silent field, more and ever more.

Silence and joy grows steadily by the day.

Over time the contrast in our physiology between meditation and activity becomes less and less. As pure consciousness becomes an ever greater part of our human awareness, the body and mind feel rested and exude a state of calm serenity. Other people will notice and appreciate your soothing presence. They will want to be around you.

It may even seem that hardly anything happens anymore during meditation. When you started your practice years ago you always noticed deep rest and powerful wakefulness during the practice. But now it may seem as if hardly anything is happening

… but this is a time to rejoice.

It’s just that you are so close to bliss consciousness that it’s now here a lot of the time.

Today we experience the world through concepts (mental thoughts) that cloud and control our action. We think that we are this dialogue that is continuously going on in our mind. We have unknowingly handed over our infinite and eternal birthright; hook, line and sinker, to our delusional ego.

You are the awareness behind thought.

When you decide it’s time to draw back the veil of illusion (ignorance), you will seek out an appropriate teacher and learn the practice of meditation. Perseverance of practice will put a smile on your face and bring you closer to everlasting happiness.

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