Don’t put the cart before the Horse

The cart before the horse

In today’s world we are often confronted with negative news, tales of disappointment and struggle. Sometimes just keeping our head above water seems to take a greater effort. As we strive to develop and nurture our inbred desire for freedom and peace, we often look to prominent members of our society, our heroes, to serve as role models.

There are saints, sages, humanitarians, public servants, and ministers throughout time displaying lives of virtue and self sacrifice. We recognize and cherish those that demonstrate the higher human values – acceptance, benevolence, compassion, courage, forgiveness, integrity, selflessness, strength, and wisdom.

We may often think that emulating (or copying) these actions will by its self bring about a major and permanent change in us. It’s certainly true that doing charitable works opens the heart and cultivates life supporting human tendencies. In a world where it seems that we learn first by making mistakes, and then by cultivating behavior into a new pattern, that seems to be the way.

But now let’s make a paradigm shift to a new way of thinking in order to accelerate our growth.

Here is an analogy. In theater actors are often dressed in lavish costumes and perform on various sets. An orchestra plays music in step with the plot, and spot lights are used to accentuate and bring attention to the leading performer on stage. A white spot light is used most of time, but colored lights are used on occasion. A red light shining on the performer makes them look red, while a blue light makes them look blue. There are so many colors of the rainbow, and variations and different shades of these colors that can be used.

But the blue light only gives off blue light, and the red light only red.

So to, a saint can only do life supporting work as it is their nature to the very core, based on their level of consciousness and being. Emulating that, the good citizen may be doing the exact same thing, but they are not at the same level of consciousness. It’s a mistake for the citizen to think that by “doing good works alone” they too are saints.

Don’t put the cart before the horse.

Develop and enhance your level of consciousness through the practice of meditation, and then good works and life supporting activities will naturally flow from you. Don’t depend solely on the other premise, that “doing good works alone” will make you a better person.

Religious practices that involve moving in the spirit (via deliberate mood making), chanting or pretend witnessing are also attempts to imitate spiritual values.

Getting reinvigorated through song, praise, fellowship, study and worship are very beneficial and support faith and a healthy outlook to life. But do not “depend upon that alone.”

Establish the foundation for charity, benevolence, kindness, compassion, generosity, and goodwill in your life through the regular practice of meditation.

Man’s love and relationship with horses goes back to the beginning of recorded history. Whether employed for transporting hay on the farm, moving goods, or plowing the field, a team of horses is always placed in front.

They pull rather than push.

First steam engines

They have made an indelible imprint on human life. The English built the first railroads in the North America, using an initial track gauge of 4ft & 8.5 inches, the width of two horses. When steam engines were first built we began to compare an engine’s power to that of draft horses, hence the term horsepower (HP).

More good citizens are needed in this world. They make a huge difference in the quality of life and help to spread kindness, giving, and compassion in this world. But to augment those acts and to make them more real and powerful, meditate every day.

Develop yourself first through the practice of meditation and joyous fruitful activities will naturally flow. Day by day the experience of inner silence gets infused more into your very fabric.

As a white light bulb only gives off white light, so to be a beacon of peace and compassion as your consciousness unfolds into its full potential, unbounded and infinite in nature.

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