The Absent Minded Professor, flubber, and superfluids

The Absent Minded Professor

In 1961 Fred MacMurray and Nancy Olson stared in the zany Walt Disney comedy hit, “The Absent Minded Professor.” While the professor (Fred MacMurray) was conducting research in the physical chemistry lab at Medfield College his experiment was accidentally destroyed. That led to the serendipitous discovery of a super elastic rubber material with unusual properties. Dubbed “flubber” (flying rubber), the substance seemed to gain energy when it bounced, and was later found to allow an automobile (Model T) to levitate. And of course there are the usual villains (Keenan Wynn as Alonzo P. Hawk) trying to steal the secret formula.

The sequel “Son of Flubber” was release in 1963 followed by the modern remake “Flubber”, starring Robin Williams and Marcia Gay Harden in 1997.

Today’s scientists have not yet been able to give elastomers (elastic polymers) the same properties as that of flubber. That would require the generation of energy through spontaneous decomposition when acted upon by high pressure, as in a bouncing ball. However, there are examples in nature of ordinary materials taking on astounding properties when exposed to the right circumstance.

A superfluid is a liquid or gas that exhibits the following properties when cooled to a very low temperature:

a) All of their atoms are in the same quantum state. They have the same momentum, so if one moves, they all move

b) Moves without friction (zero viscosity)

c) Moves and flows through the tiniest of cracks

d) Superfluid helium will even flow up the sides of a jar and over the top

e) Excited by photons will form a vertical fountain upward off of its surface

f) Have amazingly high thermal conductivity. When heat is introduced to a normal system, it diffuses through the system slowly. In a superfluid heat is transmitted so fast that thermal waves become possible

g) Capable of flowing endlessly without energy loss.

Helium superfluid spontaneous flow up and over

I bring this to your attention today because there are “similarities” between characteristics of superfluid/superconductor materials and the state of Enlightenment. For physical matter and the human nervous system, when both are in their most orderly state, the features are analogous; transcends time and change, and has unconditional values.

Helium liquefies when cooled to a temperature of 4.2 degrees Kelvin, and turns into a superfluid at 2.17 degress Kelvin. Zero degrees Kelvin is the same as -273.15 degrees Celsius, or -459.67 degrees on the Fahrenheit scale. Temperature is a measurement of molecular motion, and the higher the temperature the more hectic the motion.

Absolute zero (0 degrees Kelvin) is the theoretical temperature at which entropy (degree of disorderliness) would reach its minimal value. Although molecules in that state do not cease movement completely, they do not have enough energy to transfer to other systems, so therefore their energy of motion (kinetic energy) is considered to be minimal. This is the most orderly state of physical matter.

Now I am not in any way suggesting that the human nervous system is a cooled superconducting material or such. I’m only saying that superfluid/superconductive materials share similar descriptive traits – unbounded and eternal, same as the human nervous system when full potential is developed.

Qualities of a human being established in Enlightenment (orderly state):

Unbounded, inner silence
Minimal impact of experience on the mind
No longer bound by past, present or future actions (the fruits of karma)
Clear inner wakefulness during sleep
Strong physiological correlates, such as brain wave coherence
Full use of our mental potential
Transcendence of the small ego and identification with the universal SELF
Enhanced Health
Ideal social behavior
Beyond illusion
The seeds of ignorance are roasted
Action in tune with the laws of nature
Action is life-supporting
At home with all “Knowledge”
Correction to Ritam Bhara Pragya, the mistake of the intellect
24-hour bliss
Beyond the cycle of birth and rebirth
Refined breathing
… and many others.

In future posts we will discuss witnessing, roasting the seeds of ignorance, enhanced faculties, and other Enlightened attributes in more detail.

Superfluids may also exist on a larger scale.

The atmosphere of Venus is 96.5% carbon dioxide and 3.5% nitrogen. The surface pressure is 9.3 MPa (93 bar) and the surface temperature is 73º K, above the critical points of both major constituents and making the surface atmosphere a supercritical fluid.

The interior atmospheres of the solar system’s gas giant planets are composed mainly of hydrogen and helium at temperatures well above their critical points. The gaseous outer atmospheres of Jupiter and Saturn transition smoothly into the fluid interior.

Neutron Star

Although a theoretical abstraction, some scientists propose that the core of a neutron star may be filled with neutron and proton superfluids.

In the sequel “Son of Flubber” the professor (Fred MacMurray) uses flubber gas for weather experimentation and to help the schools pathetic football team win the Medfield game. In “Flubber” the professor (Robin Williams) with companions Weebo and Dr. Sara Jean Reynolds (Marcia Gay Harden) battle a scheming Wilson Croft (Christopher McDonald) from stealing the invention.

But through all the fun we get a look at cryogenically created flubber and its somewhat fictitious properties. But again the character of superfluids and superconductors has some similar attributes to those of an Enlightened person. These showcase natures functioning in its most profound and orderly state.

Establish yourself in the field of all possibilities – orderly, living life free from attachment, anger and fear.

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