The One, through a veil of illusion, becomes the many

Dear friends,

On the surface of this field of diversity our sight become focused on difference. Looking at our small and beautiful planet (the earth) we notice areas of water and land, rain forest and mountains, plains and desert. Different laws of nature predominate in different areas of the earth.

Our perception is centered in the field of time and space. When we open our eyes we perceive ourselves as individuals. Awareness is localized from what we can perceive from our body platform. We see what is in range. We hear only what is nearby. We feel what our body comes in contact with.

All of this creation is in the mind. Transcend the mind, and get to the field of the “great mysterious,” and discover your true identity. Locate at the seat of the mind, the field of pure serenity, which is that unbounded wholeness of life.

We view ourselves as distinct and different from everyone else. Some of us are tall, and others short. Some are thin while others more well rounded. We have various differences and preferences in life.

We have developed different cultures and languages.

We all wear the glasses of remembrance. Our past experiences have created habits and our present personal world view. As we travel through time each experience impacts our mind and emotional nature. We are in one sense, a collection of our past experiences.

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