The absolute and the relative, two aspects of life

Barbara kissed her kids goodbye as they boarded the morning school bus.  It was a rush getting them ready because Evan couldn’t find his homework.  They had to search the living room until they found it behind the sofa.  Ashley got up late but eventually made it down to breakfast.  But the bus came on time so they all had to run out to catch it.

Barb went back into the house to get her things before leaving for work.  Her husband Ed left about half an hour ago since he had a long commute to Los Angeles.  He tries to help out with the children Evan and Ashley whenever possible, and he does a great job, but his own work schedule is very demanding and requires that he leave early every day.   

Barbara noticed that Evan also forgot to feed the fish this morning.  She put some flakes into the tank for her hungry friends; the beta, 2 mollies, a cat fish and algae eater.  She also had to fill the bird feeder in Ziggy’s cage.  Ziggy was their pet parakeet, which just happened to turn 6 years old this week.  He was always pampered with treats.

Instead of rushing out the door, for some reason Barb started to daydream.  She began to wonder what it would be like to live as a fish, or as a bird, or even as a single celled ameba.  “Those worlds are so different than ours,” she thought.  A creature living in water could hardly imagine what flying through the air or living on land could be like.  The birds of the air could not survive under water for more than seconds at a time.  And the microscopic and atomic world is radically foreign to us.

There seems to be worlds within worlds.

On the Earth there is such a wide diversity of living bionetwork systems.  Different laws of nature predominate in each.  These ecosystems are all disparate constructs in the field of time and space. 

Hummingbird - courtesy of Robin Crito

Our perception and appreciation of time/space depends upon our viewpoint.  Just as when you put on red glasses everything appears to be red, and with blue glasses everything appears to be blue, so to the world appears poles apart when experienced from different states of consciousness.

Spiritual Postulate:

Knowledge is structured in consciousness.  And its corollary, knowledge is different in different states of consciousness.

Here is a brief outline that delineates how consciousness is the key platform (frame of reference) that dictates how we experience the world of time/space/absolute:  

State of Consciousness Outer objective life – sensory perception of the Relative World Inner subjective life – perceived presence of the Absolute Comment
1. Sleeping none some – right now Unconsciousness.
flips to all upon enlightenment Inner wakefulness
2. Dreaming none some – right now Unconsciousness with mental activity.
flips to all upon enlightenment Inner wakefulness
3. Waking only the gross physical   some – right now depending upon the degree of spiritual awakening Conscious Wakefulness.
As meditation brings ever clearer experience of Transcendental Consciousness the absolute increases in our lives.
flips to all upon enlightenment Inner wakefulness
4. TC-Transcendental Consciousness or Complete Inner Silence  none all  Eyes closed in meditation – inner experience of no thought, absolute bliss consciousness and eternity. 
5. CC – Cosmic Consciousness or Enlightenment only the gross physical  all Inner life– I am the absolute
Outer life – that is not me.
6. GC – Glorified Cosmic Consciousness all physical levels plus the finest value of the relative world (etheric, astral, and mental levels) all If you believe in a creator, this is when you can meet him/her.
7. UC – Unity Consciousness all relative world
all unmanifest
all Everything experienced in terms of my SELF.All relative values of creation plus the absolute unbounded.
none – no appreciation
some – partial appreciation
all – total appreciation

Our perception (evaluation) of the world depends upon our ability to perceive it.

By living only waking, dreaming and sleeping states of consciousness our appreciation of the world is limited.  We encounter brief glimpses of happiness and joy, while most of life appears to be suffering.

In Transcendental Consciousness (TC) we learn that the universe is built upon a foundation of absolute – blissful – timeless – unboundedness, and we are THAT. 

By Enlightenment (CC) we have completed an inner transformation of the small self (individual ego) to the large universal cosmic SELF.   But when we open our eyes we still perceive the outer world as still relative, so a dichotomy continues to exist.

(I am now the absolute, but the relative world that I experience is not me, it is something else).

Through culturing of the heart and subsequent advanced food digestion (soma), our faculties of perception (indriyas – the five senses; sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste) become more refined until we are able to perceive the finest value of the relative world (GC). 

In Unity Consciousness (UC) the entire act of life in on the level of infinity.  The absolute is experienced within and without.  Everything is in terms of my SELF.  The duality and multiplicity of the world has no meaning.  Life is absolute and eternally the same.  Finite values do not exist. 

The world is as you are.  Each state of consciousness has its own reality in the world.  The absolute and the relative are two sides of the same coin.  Both are intimate to life. 

* You cannot know the absolute without reference to the relative.  And you cannot know the relative without reference to the absolute. 

* The relative is inherent in the absolute, and the absolute is inherent in the relative.

* Relative life is eternally (an absolute attribute) changing.  The absolute is beyond (a relative attribute) the influence of change.    

Space Exploration

For those who have never meditated, or have never had the blessing of a spiritual glimpse of the absolute, the concept of different states of consciousness may be hard to swallow.  It’s a topic that seems to be without merit.  Many may argue that the world is only full of grief and suffering, and no one or anything will ever change that.      

But I hope that this post (and the others) will help to shine a light on the infinite possibilities that exist for human life.  This is not pie-in-the-sky or wishful thinking.  The seven states of consciousness are reality, and beckon all of us to step up to the plate and live their joyful values.     

Enlightenment is for everyone.  It’s your birthright and destiny.  It was never intended that man/women/children should suffer.           

Sit and meditate every day to rouse our understanding of the world and innate awareness.  Don’t hold on to restricted beliefs and thinking.  Break stereotypes and boundaries.  Breathe in the light of life.  Accept only the highest of human aspirations and goals. 

Reach for your destiny, Unity Consciousness, which is living life in a universe experienced as the expression of your SELF.

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