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Fall Colors on the Trail

The sun is out and today is a happy day.  The fall season in North American can be quite spectacular. The leaves of the great White Oak have turned purple and brown; the Maple displays red hues while the Hickory and Ash turn yellow.  As the days become shorter and the nights longer the chilling winds of winter begin to beckon. Every time the wind blows the leaves rustle and more fall to the ground.  In anticipation of colder weather deer and other forest dwellers begin to develop thicker coats.  The sky is blue and sparkly.  Some birds gather to begin their journey southward. 

All of these forms of life are expressions of the one divine.  Unbounded, eternal, ineffable; the world turns on its axes while the sun completes its dance around the Milky Way.

The world is as we are.  Our perception of the world is as we can have it.

Electrical stimuli are interpreted by the brain.  We call an experience “real” because we can taste, feel, smell, touch, and feel external objects.  We breathe the air and notice our heart pumping.  The exhilaration of individualized awareness, our living of life, may seem a mystery and a joy all at once.

Our perception of the world is extremely limited.  We don’t see or feel radio waves passing through the air, but many of us rely on cell phones which do intercept these electromagnetic waves.  We don’t see the air we breathe; individual atoms and molecules, gravity, bacteria and electrical fields, but they are still there.  The high energy gamma rays, x-rays, ultraviolet rays, visible, infrared, microwave and radio waves keep bouncing around us all the time.    

Did you feel that cosmic ray that just passed through you body?  What about the microwave background radiation left over from the big bang event 13.7 billion years ago?

The point is that there are many things in the universe that we don’t directly perceive, but yet they exist. 

Expansion of consciousness brings the unseen into view.  This also applies to how we behave in the world.

Sometimes when we are stressed it’s easy to blame our misfortunes on other people or events seemingly out of our control.  Anger is certainly an indication that our mind and heart still require further growth.  But instead of getting mad it’s better to understand that this anger is a passing phase, caused by the release of accumulated stress.  Acting on anger almost always makes the situation worse.  So it’s better just to step back, take a few deep breathes and count to ten. 

A good formula for enabling better personal relationships is “Yogashta Kuru Karmani”, established in being perform action. 

When the self is established in that unbounded eternal value of life all of creation is dear to us.  We are in tune with our Self and all of the various facets of creation. 

Here is an analogy.  Let’s say that you are a bicycle enthusiast.  For recreation and exercise you enjoy riding in the park several times each week.  The sweet smell of wild flowers and the sight of fall colors encourage you to pedal onward.  You reach your aerobic heart rate and plan to continue on for another twenty minutes, but your left knee and leg starts to hurt and act up again.  The doctor said that it was shin splints, but you are trying your best to live your daily routine.  Exercise is important and you don’t want to give it up.  Your solution is to take care of your leg, follow the doctor’s advice, and assist the healing process.  We would never think of cutting off our leg just because there is a health issue at this time.

We won’t harm what we consider to be a part of our self.  As consciousness expands and we see others as expressions of our own Self, we treat all with kindness and love.   

Don’t punish someone for making a mistake.  It’s far better just to forgive and forget.  How you react to the event will determine your future suffering/happiness caused by any reaction.

Life is lived spontaneously from whatever our level of consciousness.  Harmonious behavior is good for the environment (human and world) and integrates our inner value of life (subjective) with the outside (objective).  All action is an opportunity to apply our awareness to the field of time/space, thereby integrating the benefit of meditation.

Ideal behavior is fully established in Enlightenment. 

But until then we continue to break the boundaries of confinement.  Through continued meditation the nervous system becomes more capably of reflecting pure awareness.  We can’t easily control those spontaneous reactions to life (anger, etc.), so better to close the eyes every day and dive into the transcendental field of bliss consciousness.     

The six subtle adversaries of man are:
kaama (lust)
krodha (anger)
lobha (greed)
moha (delusion)
mada (intoxification)
and maatsarya (jealousy).

It’s easier to develop wholeness than attend to the individual parts.  That way negative tendencies fall away on their own.  As awareness broadens perception is clearer and we make better use of life.   Our strategy for best behavior should be:     

Yogashta Kuru Karmani
Established in being perform action

Life is infinite, eternal and unbounded.   Your level of consciousness determines whether or not you perceive life to be that way.  Meditate every day to establish your best behavior.

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