Capture the fort

The fort

Lieutenant Johnson crouched behind a large cluster of Bristlecone Pines. Sugarbush and Snowberry shrubs dotted the landscape. The Deer grass smelled sweet from his vantage point on the hill, as he watched the movement of men and guns in the fort.

At the confluence of the Stony Creek and Sacramento rivers the fort had been established about twenty years ago to house settlers and their families. Drawn to California by dreams of wealth the prospectors found gold and silver in the nearby hills, but most recently were forced to flee by rogues, thugs and bandits.

The Lieutenant was there with 70 solders under his command. His mission was to retake the stolen mining claims. Johnson had served in the army as a strategist and foot soldier, and he knew that once the fort was taken the men holding the mines would flee. Without that support, left to themselves they could easily be vanquished.

Capture the Fort – and all the territory that it governs is automatically yours.

Today’s world is seen as a challenging place by most adults. Many are faced with economic hardship as well as strains to marriage and personal life. We need every advantage that we can find to help us better cope and succeed. All too often it appears that our happiness is influenced and based more on external events rather than within our own control. But this is truly a case of “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” and “the world is as you are.”

A fully developed person is at peace within themselves. External circumstances do not shake or buffet that equanimity. They are trusting and kind. Balanced in the midst of success or failure, resolute in intellect, they are always willing to offer a helping hand. Centered in silence he/she can better address their own needs along with the welfare of the community.

Infomercials and self help seminars tout programs designed to help people reach their greater potential. Help is available through mail-order catalogues, audio tapes, books, holistic institutes, motivational speaker seminars, yoga retreats, personal coaching market, stress management programs, self and group therapy. These are designed to target specified human attributes for development and improvement …

… personality, relationships, marriage, business, stress management, self control, memory development, increase self efficacy, develop positive expectations, anger management, etc.

But there are so many facets to life that addressing them individually, one by one, would take many lifetimes to complete. Better to employ the principle of …

Capture the Fort – developing inner silence through meditation automatically enhances and brings along with it all personal traits. Bad habits and negative tendencies just fall away on their own without any effort.

Goldstein, Maslow and Rogers define a self actualization person as one who embraces reality and facts rather than denying truth, is spontaneous, interested in solving problems, more comfortable with relations, not hampered by convention, acceptance of self and does not judge others.

Meditation develops all of these traits in one fell swoop.

There are other approaches to self help philosophies that in my humble opinion are misunderstood today. Due to the passage of time sometimes the original message gets distorted.

For example, the Eight Fold Path of Patanjali is usually interpreted to be an 8-step program for spiritual development:

yama, niyama, asana, pranayama, pratyahara, dharara, dhyana, Samadhi

Start with step one, develop that aspect of life and then progress onto step two, and so forth. After completion of step eight one should then be a using their full potential.

However, I contend that this approach is an incorrect interpretation of what Patanjali taught. I believe that ALL eight folds (or steps) of the path are developed simultaneously as one develops spiritually. As consciousness increases social behavior (yama) becomes more non violent and life supporting, inner discipline and responsibility (niyama) take root, asana practice is more fulfilling, life force (pranayama) increases through the body, …………, and Samadhi develops day by day.

Capture the Fort – unfold the field of bliss consciousness in your life and all other personal attributes are spontaneously enhanced.

Live your full potential each day and share in the jubilation of life.

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