meditation and spiritual growth

Ancient Greek scientists and philosophers looked at the world and decided to classify all universal elements as; earth, water, air and fire. That was around 450 BC.

When Aristotle came onto the scene he added a fifth element, which he called aether. His reasoned that aether was what filled the universe above the terrestrial sphere, and was the pure quintessence of the heavens; what the immortal Gods breathed (just as humans breathe air).

For us earth dwellers, the element FIRE is the most important of all for spiritual growth. It is the BRIDGE between our physical bodies and our nonphysical bodies, leading to pure unmanifest being.

Earth, water and air are physical substances. They are constructed from the basic building blocks (elementary particles) of our universe. Adding fire (heat) to their constituency causes then to change form – from solid to liquid to gas.

For example, the element lead (Pb) changes from a hard solid substance to a liquid form when heated to (327.46 °C, 621.43 °F). Apply even more heat and at 3,180 °F it boils and becomes a gas.

The Russian chemist Dmitri Mendeleev in 1869 was the first scientist to categorize atomic elements into the understandable and logical sequence of a periodic table. As of today 118 elements have been identified. They are distinguished by each having a unique atomic number; the number of protons (positive charge) in the nucleus.

Fire is energy in all its forms.

As electricity it sparks between human brain cell synapses giving us the ability to think, remember, and thru the nervous system – cognize and experience the outer physical world.

Because of fire, all knowledge that has value can be known.

Because of the destructive value of fire, we can change and grow as human beings. That’s because the dissolution of one state (current condition) is a necessary precursor for the creation of the next.

Our vital life force, sometimes referred to as prana, is fire. This fire causes your heart to beat, your food to digest, your organs to operate, and your body to function. In this capacity it is sometimes called the five vital body forces (Prana vayu, Apana vayu, Samana vayu, Udana vayu and Vyana vayu).

Fire is the energy/impulse that causes the human nervous system to function.
When cells in the body need to send a message from one point to another, they open a membrane gate. Then sodium and potassium ions move freely into and out of the cell. Negatively charged potassium ions leave the cell, and positively charged sodium ions enter it. This switch from negative charge to positive charge generates an electrical impulse. The impulse then moves from the nerve thru the spinal column into the brain. The brain then provides an interpretation (pleasure or pain) of the impulse.

Fire causes your body muscle fibers to contract, thereby allowing you as an individual to move.
When you desire to stand up or change position, electrical impulses travel from the brain, down through the spinal cord, and are transmitted through the motor nerves to the muscles. At the junction between the nerve ending and the muscle (the motor end plate), chemical signals are released. A complex form of chemistry then takes place which causes the muscle to contract and then relax. Without this fire, we could not move.

A moving electric current (Fire) creates a magnetic field. The human heart is a source of electro-magnetism that, even at a few meters away, is detectable by modern scientific instruments.

Our Kundalini Shakti energy is a form of subtle fire.

The Chakra centers are found in the etheric body. Auras emanate from our non-physical emotional or astral body. There is a relationship between aura color, wavelength/frequency, and amount of energy (Fire).

Fire is the life force that animates our physical, etheric, astral and mental bodies. As life energy it permeates all. It is the bridge between the physical and non physical universe.

In the Hindu Vedic tradition, Agni is the god of fire and sacrifice, of divine knowledge. 218 out of 1,028 hymns of the Rig Veda are dedicated to him. The Agni Purana has 15,400 verses.

As we grow and consciousness expands, our desires become more mature. What we used to want is now replaced by higher goals that benefit not only ourselves, but humanity as a whole.

Renunciation is not the process of denial and forcefully giving up what we want in life. Instead, with increasing spiritual maturing we see that some of those things that we thought were necessary are no longer needed and relevant to our life.

Living with a few items is not living in poverty. If you want something and you can’t have it that is poverty. When you have few things but want nothing else that is affluence.

The term Advaita means non-duality, or not two. Everything in all its forms, both manifest and unmanifest, is part of the One.

We need to meditate every day to dissolve the blockages (samskaras) in your nervous system. That is what prevents us from experiencing enlightenment and eternal bliss. It’s like we are observing the Sun through a cloudy and dirty filter. We don’t see the Sun as it truly is. The filter needs to be cleaned. As such, as stress and strain leaves our nervous system thru meditation it functions more efficiently and we experience greater love and bliss in our lives.

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