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I sincerely hope that you have found the articles on this blog to be inspirational as well as informative. My goal is to provide valuable insight and knowledge on meditation and spiritual practices. We are all on this beautiful planet searching for happiness and self realization. Whether you have never meditated, or have just started, or are a seasoned practitioner, I hope that these articles inspire you to continue your practice, learn more about our enchanted world, and help to more quickly usher in the day of YOUR full Self Realization.

A Caribbean dive, bubbles and the source of thought ………. part 1

A Caribbean dive, bubbles and the source of thought ………. part 2

A Chocolate Ice Cream Sundae may bring Enlightenment your way

A matter of perspective

A Mature Ego is an essential part of the Spiritual Equation

A seaside morning meditation (Kabbalah)

A short history of flowers

A spiritual view of the Classical Elements; earth, water, air, fire and aether

A wave on the ocean

Advice from the Lord of Death, on how best to live (Katha Upanishad)

An Atheist’s perspective on meditation

An iceberg on the ocean, two aspects of the same reality

Ancient Greek Philosophy; as relevant today as it was centuries past

Blue skies and rainy days

Breath and thought; two paths for discovery of your true Self

Buddha’s Wheel of Life

Buddha’s words of wisdom, the Dhammapada

Can a leopard change his spots?

Capture the fort

Changing attitudes, rap music, and the constitution of mind

Dancing Feather and the Inipi (Sweat Lodge) Ceremony

Describing the indescribable, within the limitations of language

Different views on the afterlife

Do less and accomplish more

Don’t put the cart before the Horse

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (1929 – 1968), American Clergyman, Civil Rights Leader and advocate for Non-Violent change

Emptying out the Sea

Enlightenment is everyone’s birthright

Establish the foundation for peace ………. part 1

Establish the foundation for peace ………. part 2

Every cloud has a silver lining

Every day is a Holiday

Expanding human perception

Finding and living your Dharma

Fire up your imagination

Free will and how choice opens the door of opportunity

Good night dear children, and sweet dreams

Honoring Fallen Heroes

Hop, skip, sing and dance

How full is your glass?

Human birth is rare, so spend your time wisely

In search of perpetual motion, universe after universe

In Tibet the Masters teach Dzogchen Meditation

Inner silence is the seed of creation

Is it a wave or a particle?

It’s time to change your destiny

Jalal ad-Din Rumi (1207 – 1273) Persian poet, jurist, theologian, and Sufi mystic.

Kong Qiu (551 BC – 479 BC) known as Confucius, the Chinese social philosopher, and his teachings on morality, social relationship, justice and sincerity

Let the light shine in

Living a Spiritual Life in a Material World

Living life’s full potential

Love is the fabric of life

Loving Kindness (Metta) is beneficial to all life

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (1917 – 2008), Transcendental Meditation, and the Spiritual Regeneration Movement

Mandalas – spiritual symbol, meditation aid, and subtle energy of the cosmos

Margaret Fuller (1810 – 1850) words of wisdom

Meher Baba (1894-1969) Sufi Master, Mystic, and Avatar of our Age

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (1869 – 1948), writer, humanitarian, political and spiritual leader

Native American words to live by

Nepal photo album

Nurturing the artist and scientist within

On the Earth, what goes up usually comes down

Our mother, our world (Part 1, aspects of humanity)

Out of body experiences, a distraction along the path

Outgrowing fear

Paramahansa Yogananda (1893 – 1952), Kriya Yoga, and the Self Realization Fellowship

Passing beyond the field of change

Phase transitions are not just for Star Trek fans

Poverty and today’s need for the unfoldment of greater consciousness

Prana, the Foundation of Life and Catalyst for Spiritual Unfoldment

Rendezvous with Ceres

Rest is the basis of activity

Restoring Human Rights

Rite of passage

Shankaracharya Swami Brahmananda Saraswati (1870 – 1953) Reestablished Vedic Wisdom in Northern India

Sri Anandamayi Ma (1896-1982) Spiritual Luminary

Sri Ramana Maharshi (1879 – 1950), advocate of Non-dualism, Advaita Vedanta, and Jnana yoga

Stellar evolution, our Sun’s life in the Milky Way

Stories of creation, mythology or fact ………. part 1

Stories of creation, mythology or fact ………. part 2

Swami Chinmayananda Saraswati (1916-1993), Vedanta Scholar and founder of the International Chinmaya Mission

Swami Vivekananda (1863-1902), Bringing the East and West together

Tales of avarice, deceit, and courage

Tenzin Gyatso (born July 6, 1935) is the 14th Dalai Lama, Tibetan Buddhism monk, spiritual leader, teacher, author, poet and peace activist

Thanks for the memories

The Absent Minded Professor, flubber, and superfluids

The absolute and the relative, two aspects of life

The art of contemplation (dhyana)

The breath of life

The brotherhood of the sea

The character of ignorance, and how it can be overcome

The Christian mystic meets Patanjali

The enlightenment of Lau Tzu, and his impact on the world

The Escape velocity of thought is zero

The fisherman at Taravao Point

The Hatfields and the McCoys, a lesson in forgiveness ………. part 1

The Hatfields and the McCoys, a lesson in forgiveness ………. part 2

The Magna Carta, a turning point for Western Civilization

The nature of spirituality; religious ritual verses essence

The One, through a veil of illusion, becomes the many

The Poems of Kabir

The rich girl and the waiter

The Right Brain hemisphere is your highway to the Eternal Transcendent

The Seven States of Consciousness

The Tao, taking advantage of nature’s duality to create computers

The Tree of Knowledge

The United Nations Millennium Development Goals

The value of human life

The Wandering stones of Racetrack Playa

The winner takes it all……or not?

The wisdom of Kabbala

The Wise Woman

The Zen Koan

Thich Nhat Hanh, (born October 11, 1926) is a Zen Buddhist monk, teacher, author, poet and peace activist

Three lessons from the Buddha

Time and Space

Timeless words of wisdom

To be, or not to be, that is the question …

Transcending the World of Duality

Up into the sky

Vedanta Philosophy 101

Virtual Reality, Surrogates, and the Matrix

Water the root to enjoy the fruit

Well begun is half done

What a beautiful sight

What day is it anyway?

What if?

What you do today may change what happened yesterday

You can’t be free if you judge people

Your best behavior

Zen as an art for family cohesion

Zen Wisdom