meditation and spiritual growth

Jack started his business six years ago.  He was an engineer working for a local airplane manufacturing company when he observed machinists having trouble making parts to higher specifications on a lathe; 1/10th of a millimeter.  It was hard to manually setup the cutting tools and turn the lathe products with great accuracy.       

He had a great idea.  What if he created an automated lathe, one that cut to specs based on a computer program/microchip/robot guiding the tool rather than doing it by eye manually.  That would allow greater precision when machining products, far better than what ordinary calipers could measure with certainty.

He rented some space in a warehouse and built his first prototype and product.  After a few sales he hired a machinist and two other engineers.  Within the first year he needed to hire an accountant, packer, shipping and receiving clerk, and sales person.  After another two years he hired several customer service associates, more production personnel, a human resources manager, and an engineering project manager.  He remained the “idea” guy, the main visionary and driving force behind the company. 

Today with sales of 300 million dollars annually Jack leads a staff of 110 people, tending to the “high level” aspects of the business.  He’s not directly answering the phones and taking orders, but he resides and benefits from all those activities.  His presence keeps the company humming on track.  Jack clearly understands the principle,        

… do less and accomplishing more.   

We all face challenges in life and at times it may seem that desires and dreams go unanswered.  It would be wonderful if somehow our actions would elicit a higher degree of success, be more leveraged, and encounter less resistance along the path.

Meditation increases our odds for success, since our actions become more fully supported by nature (cosmic intelligence).

There are many pathways to progress, but nature favors some paths over others.  We call those routes,

… the path of least resistance.     

Nature upholds laws governing the path of least resistance.  Newton’s first law of motion (governing inertia and mass) states that “an object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.”  Once set in motion, an object will tend to continue as it is because any change represents resistance (inertia) to that motion.     

The path of least resistance describes a physical and/or spiritual pathway that provides the least opposition to forward motion, by a given object or entity among a set of possible alternative paths.

Water flowing downhill follows the path of least resistance as it moves acted upon by gravity.  Electricity running through a circuit behaves in a similar fashion; every available path has some current through it and the amount of current through each path is inversely proportional to its electrical resistance.  Warm water spontaneously flows to mix with colder water.  High pressure atmospheric cells spontaneously flow on the path of least resistance toward regions of low barometric pressure (causing atmospheric disturbances – storms). Atomic isotopes seek their ground resting state (some decay radioactively while others appear to be stable, but have recently been theoretically shown to also possibly decay).  Other examples in nature abound.      

Evolutionary biology (plant & animal), human development, and all aspects of life prefer the path of least resistance. 

Action following the path of least resistance is more fruitful, and as human consciousness expands those pathways become even more effortless and yield much higher values of achievement.

Another important benefit is,

… easier fulfillment of desire.

Desires also become fulfilled more effortlessly.  The quality of our desires also increases.  We aspire to goals more in line with the need of our fellow man.  The gap between desire and achievement narrows.  Desires find fulfillment with less resistance.  Instead of following the normal path to fruition (thought-desire-action-achievement-fulfillment) in Enlightenment we leap frog directly (no intermediary) from desire to fulfillment.  That’s because we were already fulfilled, we just went from here to there to come back to here again.

There is another important aspect of the principle, do less and accomplishing more, that we should consider.  That is,

… non-involvement on the level of fulfillment. 

Non-involvement on the level of fulfillment does not mean that individuals become divorced from activity as consciousness grows.  But quite the contrary, it means that individuals become more fully vested in action. 

The individual may not be attending to each and every detailed aspect of the activity, but their very presence causes the action to take place.  Just as Jack does not need to take the order and personally complete all the steps necessary to fill and ship it, so to as consciousness expands we become the beneficiary of the action.       

Non-involvement arises out of reaching the goal of all involvements in life, which is bliss consciousness.

We gain support of the laws of nature through meditation.  Our surroundings begin to respond to more favorably.  Resistance becomes less.  Our sense of Am-ness (I am – individual life) merges with Is-ness (all this is – cosmic existence).  Amness opens to Isness.  Gain of individual awareness opening to that of unboundedness, cosmic existence. 

In enlightenment, all aspects of life are already fulfilled – before, during, and after an action.  By virtue of our BEING, we essentially

… do nothing and accomplishing everything.

Continue your meditation practice to gain skill in action.  Through alignment with our Universal SELF the goal of all actions (fulfillment) is attained.