meditation and spiritual growth

When the sun has set and twilight ended the stars above begin to shine in glorious splendor. The canopy of the heavens fills with brilliant and colorful specs of light. In the west near the horizon Venus continues its march through the zodiac. Further to the east is the planet Mars, reddish in color and therefore easy to identify. But indoors under our roof, curled up with a good book and sipping on a glass of tea, the logs in the fireplace are burning bright.

Over the centuries we have learned how to bring elements of nature together to produce the light that we need. From wood in the fireplace, to candles, oil lamps and incandescent bulbs, we have discovered how to unlock and utilize the abundant resources that our precious earth offers to us.

Thomas Edison holds over 1,000 US patents and is renowned for inventing the phonograph, motion picture camera, practical electric light bulbs, and other ingenious devices. We are indebted to him and many others for helping make life a little easier, and lighting up our houses in the evening.

Thomas Edison

But on some occasions the electricity may go out due to thunderstorms. A burnt out transformer or tripped circuit breaker can also plunge us into darkness. It’s good to have a flashlight handy otherwise we could go stumbling around in the dark. But even though we are familiar with our living rooms (since we live there) we still risk injury of falling over furniture, banging our shins, or simply walking into the wall because we can’t see. It can get very dark.

While in the darkness we develop strategies for dealing with obstacles and problems. Perhaps we advance a methodology for counting footsteps and mapping out the location of the furniture. In any event we learn how best to navigate in that circumstance.

When we are not using our full potential we are walking around in the shadow of all possibilities.

Don’t only try to solve the problem on the level of the problem. It’s to our advantage to make a paradigm shift, bring in the light (develop your full potential) and then we create a foundation where problems do not even arise.

Principle of the highest first – light automatically dispels the darkness.

Most nations in today’s world have constitutional and governing laws. We come across democratic, socialist, communist, dictatorship, totalitarian, theocracy, monarchy, parliamentary, and republic based systems. They are created and modeled after their respective constituencies’ history and cultural values. So in one part of the world there may be a law that forbids direct government criticism or censure, while in another part that same activity may be welcomed.

The universe in which we live is also governed by various natural laws. There are the laws of physics (strong interaction, weak force, electromagnetic, and gravitational) as well as the laws of conduct (as you sow, so shall you reap) and others pertaining to almost every aspect of existence. Notice that across the globe both weather and terrain are different; highlighting that certain laws of nature predominate more in that area. This gives rise to different languages and dialects spoken by local inhabitants.

The closer that a nation’s laws are to Natural Law the more life supporting, successful, and happy its people will be. For peace and harmony to rein in the world we need peaceful citizens, just as for a forest to be green we need green trees.

Principle of the highest first – meditate every day to develop two hundred percent of life (100% inner and 100% outer).

When dealing with personal issues many alternatives for help are ostensibly available. Mediation, conflict resolution, family intervention, divorce counseling, litigation, and psychoanalysis are a few. These therapies are valuable and have a place in society. Take advantage of all that is offered.

But rather than solely trying to solve the problem on the level of the problem, better to create a situation where the problem does not arise. Strengthen yourself and become more self actualized by developing more of your potential. Go to family intervention and counseling, make use of modern medicine, but also practice your meditation as an adjunct every day.

Don’t stumble around in the dark looking for ways to banish it. Just simply let the light shine in, and it is gone.

Integrate the light of eternal consciousness into every breath you take.