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Albert Einstein explained to us that the field of time and space is a relative phenomenon. How quickly time passes actually depends upon how fast a traveler is moving – with respect to an observer.

Albert Einstein

Let’s say the traveler is our Aunt Judy, and she stops to take a break to have some lunch with us in Phoenix. At the table, while we are enjoying our sandwiches and milk, time passes at the same rate for each of us. Both of our clocks move forward, second by second, at the same constant rate. However, after enjoying the afternoon lunch Aunt Judy wants to get back on the road again to LA, and she takes off in her car at 60 mph. Her wrist watch is now ticking a little bit slower than ours, based on where we are sitting. We would say that time seems to have slowed down (does not pass as quickly) for Aunt Judy.

But at 60 mph the differential of time (ours verses hers) is virtually negligible. To see this phenomenon in a more pronounced manner, Aunt Judy needs to be traveling near the speed of light (186,000 miles per second). When that happens (in a rocket ship) time slows considerably for her; again with respect to us. What’s also interesting is that she seems to have gained some weight, since her body mass appears to have increased. And other interesting things happen.

But the point is, time is a relative phenomenon, and it’s rate of passage depends upon the speed between the observer and the observed.

For us we appear to live in a relative world. Time and space exists for you and me – this is the creation of mind. Along with our mental, emotional and physical bodies, we experience the dualities of world – hot/cold, light/dark, large/small, past/future, happy/sad, rich/poor, good/bad, death and life.

Located at the seat of the mind, is consciousness itself, our divine spark. The awareness that transcends the relative field of life, and just IS. Beyond the field of opposites, the senses and desire, find the seat of man, and all that is.

The spark of life that shines in every human being is the same; bright, effulgent, and eternal.