meditation and spiritual growth

Catherine watched Mrs. Joyce outline a story problem (math class) on the blackboard. It involved two friends riding their bicycles at different speeds, and leaving home at different times to get to the same store. Who would arrive first? Catherine found that she loved math. It was not always that way, but most recently Mrs. Joyce caught her imagination and sparked interest and enthusiasm in her mind.

Today Catherine’s world is quite different, but there was a time as a newborn when it only consisted of Catherine and her mother. As a newborn there was that inseparable bond between child and mother, which provided the love and nurturing necessary for life. Her world slowly expanded to include Dad, a favorite blanket (jellybean) and teddy bear (midnight). She later learned that those pesky kids always showing up were her brother and sister. And in the evenings some older folks (uncles/aunts) often came by.

When she started kindergarten Catherine took the school bus, met other classmates, and developed some friendships. Her interests and friends grew with the years, along with her yearning for knowledge and new experiences. At age 11 (now) she was still exploring the world, loved every day, and was trying to understand her role in it.

Catherine found that expansion of love is spontaneous and natural to life.

Bridge to Love (open pdf)

Societies are structured in such a way that love becomes more cultured and expands as we move out into the world; from childhood (immediate family), to adolescence (school and friends), to adulthood (spouse, community, country, and the world). Each step along the path our territory of influence increases and our sphere of love expands.

What restricts us from hugging every person that we meet on the street? Among a long list of reasons you will find our strong sense of ego, feelings of separateness/vulnerability, and bounded/restricted awareness.

But love is the underlying fabric and stitch of creation.

Falling in love is the process of recognizing (opening of awareness) some aspect of yourself in the outer environment. When you fall in love with another person it’s usually because he/she has some qualities that you both share, or has some qualities that you would like to further develop for yourself. If you take an interest in mathematics, science, hair dressing, car repair, or whatever, it’s often because your heart feels the excitement that is generated in your being.

In reality it’s not the other person that you are falling in love with, but it’s the reflection of your own qualities that you see in them. The Self is attracted to the Self.

Love spontaneously extends to that which we can most easily relate to. It’s easier to relate to another person of the same culture, religion, background and language. We may be more comfortable living in the city, than in the country, mountains, valleys, or dessert.

As consciousness expands we bridge the gap between us and the rest of the world. The relative world (time/space) consists of our relatives. One is related to the other, and we are related to all. Expansion of awareness increases our relatedness and serves as a bridge for our expanding love.

We act spontaneously based on our level of consciousness.

The attitudes that we display in life are a direct reflection of our level of consciousness. Our mood stretches and shrinks those attitudes. We can be grumpy when we’re tired, or snap at almost anyone when we have had a stressful day.

But as consciousness grows through continued meditation attitudes become friendlier. We can extend our boundaries through meditation.

Trying to be something (or someone) that you are not, will eventually fail. Forcing an attitude when not authentic, like trying to be happy and loving with friends, causes more stress and strain to the nervous system. We cannot try to grow in happiness. If we try we will feel drained and exhausted at the end of the day. Trying to be happy is a chore. Don’t force.

Red Admiral Butterfly – courtesy Robin Crito

As consciousness increases we naturally begin to reach out with greater compassion. We feel more at ease with new situations and circumstances in life. We are more apt to make friends and expose ourselves to new environments, feeling safe. Growth of love is spontaneous and natural to life.

The application of pure consciousness gained in daily meditation effortlessly grows the heart.

The mind grows faster than the heart. We see an example of this when we study the different states of consciousness. In enlightenment the mind is using its full potential (is no longer bound) but the heart continues its growth process through the stages of GC (Glorified Cosmic Consciousness) and UC (Unity Consciousness). Because the mind and heart do not necessarily grow in step with each other, it’s often important to temper ideas with wisdom.

When this does not happen we find intelligent criminals and others making use of knowledge for life destructive purposes rather than for good. The application of wisdom would be helpful in these situations.

While growing from enlightenment to GC sensory percept refines and the heart develops even more. As perception becomes richer so does our joy. As we perceive the environment as being increasingly more useful and intimate, the heart enlivens and rejoices even further. Growth to UC offers even greater refinement of the heart (love).

As love grows our ability to perceive grows…

with meditation => pure consciousness gets applied to our environment => this fosters greater love => perception grows more => which fosters even greater love => inner being comes out more and more => inner being gets more established in the field of activity

=> with meditation etc….

and as our ability to perceive grows, our ability to love grows even more …

Love is the interconnectedness of life that we all share.

We can “bridge” the gap that exists between peoples and environments. Daily meditation enlivens awareness, joy, and love. Drink of the absolute inner silence of bliss every day, to strengthen the fabric (love) of life.