meditation and spiritual growth

Now that summer is here many of us may be headed to the local Amusement Park. High on the list of favorite rides is the roller coaster. The origin of these can be traced back to Russian ice slides first built in the mid 1600’s. In 1817 coasters (cars locked to a track) were built in France. In 1846 the first 13-foot diameter “looping” roller coaster, constructed in England, was imported to France for the Frascati Gardens in Paris.

Today coasters are built of steel towering high above the ground (500 feet) and reaching speeds in excess of 128 mph while performing loops and other gravity defying acts.

Geauga Lake Park

They work on the principle of potential energy. They are mechanically taken to the top of the hill, and then let go. The stored gravitational potential energy (at the top) propels the coaster downward at dizzying speeds along the track.

In life we are confronted daily with challenges and opportunities. Just as the coaster needs to first gather potential energy to have a successful run striking down the track, so to our actions should be initially grounded and inspired from the field of infinite consciousness.

Well begun is half done – beginning a project well makes it easier to accomplish. We can then fly straight away to the goal.

Thought is the basis of action, and action is the basis of achievement. The source of thought located at the seat of the mind is an infinite wellspring of pure creativity. Tap into that field every day (meditate) to generate more profound and life supporting action.

Action pursuant of individual gain can be accomplished with effort. But action performed spontaneously in accordance with the laws of nature benefit the individual, family and friends, the community, and the world as a whole.

The practice of meditation provides the body with a period of profound rest often deeper than that of sleep. But unlike sleep the mind encounters greater wakefulness.

Scientific research has shown us that the human brain produces several different types of electrical impulses:

ALPHA brain waves – conducive to creative problem solving, accelerated learning, heightened state of alertness, relaxed, characterized by intuitive insights, and experienced during meditation.

BETA brain waves – the natural waking state exhibiting motivation, outer awareness, problem solving, and survival.

THETA brain waves – dreaming, fantasy, imagery, rest and drowsiness.

DELTA brain waves – occurs in deep, dreamless sleep.

Enhancing ALPHA brain wave activity can lead to greater success in life’s adventures.

Following through with principles of good planning is also important; brainstorm, communicate, define your goal, set a clear vision, commit to action, be positive, execute your plan, and be gracious along the path.

In today’s technological world we have already learned how to harness and store some forms of energy. Batteries (alkaline, dry cell, lithium-ion, zinc-carbon) are in common use. Automobiles use the chemically stored energy present in gasoline. Electricity is generated from nuclear power, water and wind turbines.

There are many types of potential and kinetic energy – electrical, electromagnetic, chemical, gravitational, heat, nuclear, radiant light, stored mechanical, and others.

Just as potential energy has the ability to perform work, like that infusing the mind with pure consciousness prepares us for more creative and fulfilling endeavors. When the mind is silent more creative thoughts spring forth. A silent mind gives rise to the “ah hah” moment, a time of discovery and insight.

Peace of mind is a cornerstone for living a happy life. The infusion of silence into the mind slows down that incessant and seemingly never ending ramble of thoughts. Past experiences and ingrained habits force us to think the same way over and over again. But with growing silence negative thoughts occur less frequently, and they are not as gripping.

Well begun is half done – established in being, perform action.

Nurture that quality day by day in order to get the right start every morning.