meditation and spiritual growth

Once upon a time a universe came into existence.

Although slumbering in Being for countless eons before the invention of time, consciousness became aware of itself and began to stir.

Separateness (the Ego) was born.

The manifestation of mind brought forth the winds of time and space.

The song of Om began to echo across the ethers. Vibrations matured into fluctuations of solidified energy (matter).

A high temperature quark-gluon plasma came into existence 10-6 seconds after the Big Bang. Subatomic particles along with baryons (photon, neutrinos, electrons and quarks) made an appearance. The nucleosynthesis of light element creation started after the first second. The lighter leptons reacted with baryons to create more complex states of matter. Protons and neutrons came together to form heavier states of hydrogen (deuterium).

After only three minutes matter dominated the Universe.

The Ego descended further into creation giving rise (via mind) to thought and intellect.

Although photons (light) were fashioned at the onset of the creation process, the extremely high temperature and pressure of the plasma prevented those photons from escaping and actually being seen. After spending the first 300,000 years in darkness, the Universe lit up and finally became visible.

The distinction between rishi (the knower), devata (the process of knowing) and chandas (the known) took hold.

The awesome temperatures and densities began to dissipate.

Then stars began to shine.

Thermonuclear reactions inside of stars created heavier and heavier chemical elements. As time progressed the expression of cosmic intelligence took on more refined physical structures:

Atoms Galaxies Stars Supernova Molecules Solar Systems Earths Life Bacteria Invertebrates Fish Amphibians Early plants Reptiles Flowers


… and people.

The senses, organs of action, and physical sensation (smell, taste, form, touch, and sound) now directed the Ego’s experience.

Today we live within the confines and structure of mind; which we have meticulously assembled around ourselves.

All too often we identify first and foremost with the physical body. The sense of “I” and “mine” predominate. Our first allegiance seems to be toward self and family.

Since different laws of nature predominate over different areas of the Earth, it is natural that human variation in appearance, speech, and mannerism has developed. But unfortunately gripped by the power of Maya (illusion) differences divide rather than unit.

The mind, not strong enough to maintain it essential nature (bliss consciousness) remains overshadowed and a fraction of its inherent infinite potential.

As difference predominates the drumbeat of war and conflagration increase.

There are many causes contributing toward war. Militarism, competing national alliances, religion and cultural difference, poverty, lack of opportunity, hunger, revenge, hatred, and a warped sense of justice – to name a few.

Lack of full development of the individual, family and society, shroud the mind with problems. Without clear vision alternatives are not seen.

Mankind is bound up in the hypnotic trance of materialism, immersed in the outward stroke of evolution.

The Ego has become a citizen of a human tribe, specific to location, race, religion and culture.

There are people who rationalize their bad behavior by blaming others. Not taking responsibility for their own actions, they feel justified in perpetuating tyranny and violence.

As the human ego completed its descent into the realms of fatigue, confusion and problems, a small light of understanding began to shine forth. The tide began to turn.

From time to time some brave souls stand up to defend themselves. Freedom from oppression and tyranny is their goal.

Today we honor those who have fallen in that pursuit.

Afghan War Memorial, Yekaterinburg, Russian

Armenian Genocide Memorial

Boer War Memorial, Palmerston, South Africa

Cenotaph War Memorial, Hong Kong

Civil War Memorial, Denver, CO, USA

Corp Museum Memorial Wall, Israel

Iran – Iraq War Memorial, Baghdad, Iraq

Jewish Holocaust Memorial, New Haven, Australia

Korean War Memorial, Canada

Language Martyrs Monument of Bangladesh, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Latvia War Memorial

Memorial dedicated to the victims of Taiping, China

Memorial Tower for the people, genocide under Pol Pot, Cambodia

National War Memorial, Ottawa, Canada

Polish War Memorial

Sarajevo War Memorial

Soldier and Sailors Monument, Cleveland, Ohio, USA

The Philippine Chinese War Memorial Hall

Turkish War Memorial

Uganda Gulu Peace Memorial

Ukrainian Genocide Famine Memorial

USS Arizona Memorial, Pearl Harbor, Hawai’i

Vietnam War Memorial, Washington, DC

War Memorial Suez Canal Bayonet

War Memorial, Canberra, Australia

War Memorial, Ireland

War Memorial, Nice, France

War Memorial, Viharamahadevi Park, Colombo, Sri Lanka

World War I & II, Hainault England War Memorial

World War I Memorial, Elie and Earlsferry, North East Fife, Scotland

Put revenge back into its box. Otherwise, plan on digging a grave for yourself also.

Man did not fall from grace. Rather man is fulfilling his predestined journey traveling from unconsciousness (mineral) to semi-awareness (vegetable) to daytime awareness (animal) to Enlightenment (all men, women and children).

All of the Universe is alive, it’s just in different states of awareness (expressed eternal intelligence).

Today humanity is on the inward stroke of evolution. Looking within to find its essential nature.

This is all part of a marvelous design.

The Unmanifest Self illuminates the ego, which in turn animates the mind. The individual mind has its seat in the human brain. The world of space/time/causality is created, seen and experienced by the mind.

The mind entertains thoughts. It incessantly seems to wander. Connected to the brainstem and spinal column, sensation and spatiality are experienced and made real.

The mind entertains the flow of thought, that is a primary function. So don’t blame it when it ceaselessly wanders about.

Yet, when the mind turns inward during meditation objective knowledge ceases. The mind, illumined by the Self, discovers its true parent. The mind sees its own source and becomes that.

The Ego now becomes a citizen of humanity.

The human mind seeks to merge with cosmic mind.

Sat Chit Ananda (Eternal being, knowledge, bliss):
Maya cannot obscure Sat, but is does obscure Chit and Ananda, making them appear as specifics (a process called Visesha, apparent differentiation by Maya)

On Enlightenment:
There is nothing to realize. It is nitya suddha buddha mukta (the Eternal, pure, aware and liberated) state. It is natural and eternal. There is nothing new to gain. On the other hand a man/women must lose their ignorance. That is all.

This ignorance can be traced to its origin. In this world there is subject (inner) and object (outer). Such duality is characteristic of the mind.

With the birth of mind comes distinction and separateness, the whole field of multiplicity. Good and evil then become relative terms of importance. They are measurements of gain or loss with respect to the ego.

The human Ego is now becoming a citizen of the cosmic mind.


Human evolution propels us forward.

Meditation allows us to take giant leaps ahead. This skill hastens the day of Enlightenment.

Some teachers say “be here now,” or simply, “be in the present moment.” That advice is true coming from their level of consciousness, but not readily realizable for most others.

The disillusion of ignorance remains everyone’s responsibility. Meditate every day.

Let these wars be the last that humankind ever sees. Rise up to that exalted state of eternal absolute bliss consciousness.

It’s best to avert the danger that has yet to come.

Honor fallen heroes by meditating every day. Lay the seeds of compassion and love.

That platform (Enlightenment) of consciousness is abundant life in all its stellar values. Wake up and realize your true eternal identity.

Once upon a time a universe came into existence. But whether that existence is real or not depends upon ones frame of reference.

The Ego is now dissolving into the embrace of eternal bliss. Realize your heritage.