meditation and spiritual growth

We finished the fall harvest more than a week ago and it’s now time to enjoy our annual rite of passage at the county fair. What a beautiful September day. For as long as I can remember my parents brought us kids here. My brothers Samuel and David were getting ready for the livestock contest, while sisters Mary and Rebecca were helping mother at the baked goods auction. There will also be the dog show and rabbit judging latter on. Dad will be helping out at the poultry pen.

4-H Saddle Club

I’m Lydia, and this year I will ride in the junior saddle club horse show and help my mother Sarah with the fruits, vegetables, and canned goods competition. I had been sleeping in the stables all night with my horse “Dutchess.” After getting up I brushed her down and finished braiding her mane. She was two years old and we were practically inseparable. I gave her some water and fresh hay. And there was also the giant squash “Emanuel” that I grew from a seedling. I tended to him every day making sure that the patch was weeded, the soil was rich, aerated, watered, and that it had plenty of room to grow.

There were many good entries this year for the vegetable contest. “Emanuel” took the second place Red Ribbon, best of category junior age group, 4-H at the Douglass County Fair. That’s more than I hoped for, but I still had my fingers crossed for first place. But anyway, I felt good and was beaming because we did our best.

Lydia clearly understood the principle of “water the root to enjoy the fruit.” Tend well the root of the plant, and its stem, leaves, and flowers will blossom in grandeur.

For human beings tending well the development of consciousness, our core essence and true identity, will enhance all aspects of life and supplement our growth.

We can spend years trying to improve our lives one aspect at a time. Take a course in public speaking. Study how to calculate compound interest. Learn how to “listen” attentively when in a conversation with your best friend. Be taught how to feel more secure, confident, positive, and self assured. Try to stop being so judgmental and become more empathetic, and on and on.

But through the simple practice of meditation every day consciousness expands and all aspects of life improve effortlessly. Those elements include:

Physical: Dense physical body (also called the food sheath). Brain, skeleton, muscles, nervous system, digestive system, respiration system, circulatory system, urinary system, organs, tissues and cells.

Etheric double (electric, pranic, light, and mental reflecting ethers).

Desire and emotional body: anger, terror, affection, depression, irritation, and passion.

Mental: Lower mental; the concrete mind and area of tangible thoughts, the lower heaven.

Higher mental; the abstract mind, intelligence and ideas, the higher heaven.

The reincarnating ego or Soul of Man.

Atma (Nirvana):
The Spirit.

… and two other bodies (Anupadaka and Adi) to be explained at another time.

Human beings were born to live in bliss. It’s not nature’s intent that we should suffer. However, when we look at the state of the world today it certainly does not seem to be that way. While exercising our free will we have made some bad choices. We have misbehaved while trying taking care of our body and personal lives. Just as a car does operate at peak performance when you miss an oil change, the tires are bad, the engine is gummed up, the exhaust is smelly; so to the human nervous system cannot function properly when stress and strain predominates.

We are absolute bliss consciousness, but a malfunctioning nervous system prevents it from shining through.

What’s been lacking is the knowledge of how to perform a human “tune up.” Our educational systems do not provide us with that knowledge. At schools and universities we learn to memorize information. They do not teach us a technique for developing the basis of knowledge, which is consciousness its self. So over time we have come to accept “to err is human,” and “we learn from our mistakes,” as being normal.

Suffering is foreign to nature. Ignorance about life’s purpose makes men and women do what is not good for them.

Our inheritance is enlightenment, infinite freedom for man and women. Meditation is like a boat that allows you to cross the ocean of materialism to the glorious shore of spirituality.

My dad Jonah was rooting for me at the vegetable competition. After a “congratulations, bumble bee,” he gave me a big hug. He mentioned that we also had the Baked Goods Auction and the Backseat Driver Contest tomorrow. Dad said that he was now headed to the poultry barn but that he would steal away in time to see me and Duchess ride. I thanked him and smiled.

I felt very good today. Emanuel the squash did well and I was thinking that maybe I had learned a little farming. Take care of the basics, and life will flourish.

Meditate every day to enrich our experience of the root of life, bliss consciousness, and all other aspects will take care of themselves.