meditation and spiritual growth

“Sweat beaded on my forehead. The sun was almost directly overhead and it was humid, hard to breath. Rain had fallen earlier but had quickly evaporated. Feeling oppressed, my mouth was dry. As I looked around I saw a thick wall of Lianas vines and other heavy vegetation. I saw plants growing skyward up into the trees, reaching for the canopy. Apparently Cedar trees, speckled with ferns at their base, stretching in all directions.”

“A river flowed on my right, and I wondered if the water was safe to approach. Crocodiles often lurked just beneath the surface, waiting to spring on unsuspecting prey.”

“I heard some twigs snap and vegetation rustling. My heart started to pound in my chest. I wondered what animal was approaching. I listened intently but all was still. The rain forest was silent. No parrots squawking, and no monkeys chattering in the tress. And then all of sudden I saw the animal responsible. Dark black spots on a white and orange coat, the leopard was unmistakable. She is certainly one of the queens of the cat family. Should I run or stand still?”

The leopard

“But that was enough for me. I took off my helmet, goggles, mouth piece, and stepped away from the surrounding blue screen. That virtual reality experience seemed very life like to me.”

Virtual Reality games and electronic devices have found their way into the consumer market. They provide entertaining fun for both child and adult. They are based upon the concept of providing the participant with an experience of an altered or make believe space-time environment. It puts you smack dab, right into the scene.

Virtual reality is analogous to what we are all experiencing on the Earth. We are spiritual beings, non material and eternal, having a “human” experience.

“Surrogates” is a recent movie offering a similar concept. Bruce Willis stars as FBI agent Tom Greer investigating a mysterious murder. But there is a caveat to the story; the agent is in the safety of his home, lying on a couch, and living thru an animated replicate body – a surrogate. The surrogate does the walking and talking, and is out and about living life in the world.

The movie trilogy “The Matrix” offers us another example of virtual reality. Neo (Keanu Reeves) whose body is actually living in an isolated cocoon created and maintained by machines, believes that he is living his life in the real world (the matrix); eating, sleeping, going to work, and planning for the future. The adventure really starts when he is awakened from that illusion.

As human beings we are divine and infinite in our essential nature. Infinite spirit enters the field of time and space and through the process of individuation becomes identified within a single human body form. We become forgetful of our true nature. We quickly adapt to the world and accept the concepts of day/night, pleasure/pain, happiness/sadness, youth/old age, life and death – as our reality. The field of opposites and the illusion of time have taken hold. Under the sway of ego we feel vulnerable and small.

So let’s not forget that living our life on the earth is like virtual reality. 

Our true nature is beyond the influence of causation, time and space. Live that infinite value of life every hour.