meditation and spiritual growth

Men and women have the desire to create. We have new ideas and transform them into concrete tangible results. Our cities grow larger, and buildings higher. New forms of mathematics develop, scientific understanding expands, and human experience makes a broader imprint on the universe. We have extended the range of sensory perception (x-ray, thermal, radio waves, and other detectors) and venture into realms where the human body does not naturally function (under water, and in space).

All of this occurs because the impulse of creative intelligence is within each and every one of us. Thought manifests into diverse waves of creativity and action. Locate the source of thought within yourself, and utilize meditation as a vehicle for the unfoldment of pure consciousness.

Most creation stories have the universe finished in a matter of days. But I sometimes wonder if we were born on the planet Venus, where one day is 2,802 hours, would we be using a different unit of measurement in our stories.

I like the seven day week and twelve month year. But we could just as easily have had (five, 73 day months) or (four, 91-day months with a 1 day adjustment) and still come up with 365 days for the year. But the time frame used in the stories really does not matter, as long as we have some unit that we can relate to.

Astronomers tell us that the moon is slowly moving farther away from the earth. It became possible to measure the amount more accurately in 1969, after the Apollo 11 astronauts left a retro-reflector array on the lunar surface (Sea of Tranquility). Michael Collins in the command module Columbia stayed in orbit, while the Eagle lander descended with astronauts Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin Jr. on that historic July 20th day.

McDonald Observatory Laser Ranging

By timing how long it takes for a laser beam to travel from the earth to the moon, and then back again, scientists are able to measure the distance to the moon with astonishing accuracy. It turns out that the moon is moving away from us at the rate of 38 millimeters per year. A very small amount for sure, but over millions of years it adds up. The law of Conservation of Angular Momentum mandates that as the moon moves further away, in order to keep the energy of the system the same, the rotational spin of the earth will need to slow down. Over time the earth’s rotation will slow to such an extent that it will rotate once on its axes every 28.5 days, instead of once per 24-hours as it does today. That means people living on one side of the earth will always see the moon in the sky, while people living on the other side of the earth will never see the moon.

Taking those same calculations backward in time, we can determine that the length of one earth day (one rotation) was about an hour when the earth was formed over 4 billion years ago.

But our sun and earth are actually new comers on the scene, 2nd generation, as the universe was created about 13.7 billion ago according to current astronomical thinking. Back then there was no earth, so how was the day measured?

So was the world created in 7 days? What do you think?

Most creation stories deal with the involution, or descent, of the human spirit into matter. Some refer to it as the fall from grace, eating the fruit of good and evil, feeling naked, or unexpectedly subjugated by death.

(Genesis 3:17):
“And unto Adam he said, because thou hast hearkened unto the voice of thy wife, and hast eaten of the tree, of which I commanded thee, saying, Thou shalt not eat of it: cursed is the ground for thy sake; in sorrow shalt thou eat of it all the days of thy life.”

The Theosophical “Seven Days of Creation” represents not only the inwards stroke, the descent of man into matter, but also the outward stroke, the evolutionary track of human beings to divinity. They claim that we transform from minerals, plants, animals, men, angels, archangels, and then into the lords of mind. According to their doctrine, we are currently in the 4th stage, or 4th day, of the process. Take a look at the figure and decide for yourself.

Theosophy, the Seven Days of Creation

Joseph Campbell (1904–1987) was an American mythologist, writer and lecture who was fascinated by this same question; mythology or fact. In his book “The Power of Myth,” he explores the creation stories of many cultures and discusses what they may mean. If you are interested in further study of this topic his works are a good place to start.

The human evolutionary story is an illusory play that takes place on the stage of creation.

We have forgotten our true nature and as a result live in bondage; who we are (the subject) has been lost and only the objects of perception remain.

Our senses (smell, taste, sound, touch and sight) are the gateway for experiencing the world that we live in. The brain interprets sensory stimuli, while the mind and intellect guide our actions in the world of time and space. But when we see a beautiful lake or mountain range, the image overshadows the mind. The fragrant smell of a rose bud overshadows the mind. When we meet our loved ones, go to a baseball game, or sing in the choir, the experience also overshadows the mind. In every instance we are lost.

While experiencing the world we (the subject) are extinguished by the objects of perception. The minds true nature, bliss consciousness, has been overshadowed by matter. The subject (SELF) has been lost, and only the object (matter) remains. That is true bondage.

Bondage (bandha) = the mind without bliss consciousness + Intellect + sensory perception.

That is like a banker who has billions of dollars but is now suffering from amnesia. With a new identity and subsequent life, he/she is actually thrilled to have a few thousand dollars.

Liberation is attained when forgetfulness has been removed, ignorance has been destroyed, and the induced illusion of creation has evaporated. The subject regains its status as infinite and eternal, and the mind is no longer overshadowed by the objects of perception.

Liberation (moksha) = the subject (SELF) and object are both fully experienced.

Meditation is a tool to help us traverse the valleys, rivers, plains, and mountains that we encounter of life. Suffering (samsara) is muted and eventually ended through development of bliss consciousness. Creation stories help us to better understand why our current condition exists, but we need to take proper steps to regain our true spiritual identity.

Practice meditation every day to soften the heart, build something new, and remove the clouds of ignorance. Bliss consciousness is our birthright, so stand on that platform to enjoy the infinite value that creation has to offer.