meditation and spiritual growth

Your parental upbringing, culture, religion, life experiences, age, and consciousness determine the quality and value of the thoughts that your mind generates.

The content of your heart and mind reflect your capacity for peace. With a warm heart and compromising demeanor we have an easier time dealing with people. Love flows more spontaneously. When the mind is filled with happy thoughts, springing forth from the deep silence within, life supporting actions naturally occur.

The silence of meditation builds a strong foundation for peace within you. Established in being the mind generates thoughts that are appropriate for the current environment and time.

When consciousness is dull the mind produces noise and repetitive destructive thinking. Empathy and understanding are not readily present. The thinking process is usually dominated by an egocentric and short sighted view. Problems seem to abound, and their cause is always attributed to something/someone else. For them the signing of a peace treaty may end a conflict, but the treaties intent and spirit may not be honored. Some parties will see it as an opportunity to rest, regroup, and prepare for the next round of fighting.

In the twentieth century (1901-1999) there have been more than 160 major military conflicts, some of which are still being fought today. There are far too many to provide a complete listing, but here are some of the major ones:

•1905 …………Revolution of 1905 in Russia •1911-1912 …..Turco-Italian War •1912-1913 …..Balkan Wars •1914-1918 …..World War I •1917-1918….. Russian Revolution •1918-1920 …..Armenian-Azeri War •1919-1921 …..Irish War of Independence •1919-1922 …..Turkish War of Independence •1927-1937 …..Chinese Civil War •1937-1945 …..World War II •1940-1941 …..French-Thai War •1944-1949 …..Greek Civil War •1946-1954 …..First Indochina War •1948-1949 …..First Arab-Israeli War •1950-1953 …..Korean War •1954-1975 …..Vietnam War •1961 …………Bay of Pigs Invasion •1965-1996 …..Chad Civil War •1965-1966 …..Indonesian Civil War •1967 …………Six-Day War (Third Arab-Israeli War) •1973 …………Yom Kippur War (Fourth Arab-Israeli War) •1974 …………Turkish invasion of Cyprus •1974-1991 …..Ethiopian Civil War •1975-1991 …..Lebanese Civil War •1977 …………Libyan-Egyptian War •1980-1988 …..Iran-Iraq War •1982 …………Falklands War •1982 1982 …..Lebanon War •1983-2000 …..Ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka •1990-1994 …..Rwandan Civil War •1991-2001 …..Yugoslav Wars

•1991-1997 …..Sierra Leone Civil War

… it’s certainly heart breaking.

There will be peace on earth when there is peace in mankind.

Don’t look to others for your happiness, or expect somebody to be your salvation. Instead, look within yourself. Close your eyes and transcend the mind (in meditation) to experience greater fields of happiness and charm. Locate the source of thought, the field of pure bliss consciousness, to integrate that experience into your daily life. Delight and revel in the joyous waves of creation.

Set peace of mind as a primary goal.

Armed conflict is sometimes ended by treaty or armistice.

Peace Treaty – an agreement between two hostile parties, usually countries or governments, which formally ends an armed conflict.

Armistice – an agreement to cease hostilities, or a surrender, in which an army agrees to give up arms.

It turns out that most people desire and want peace in their lives. We run into difficulty because the definition of peace varies. For example,

Infant Soul – Not interested in peace and looking to exploit both sides of a conflict for personal gain.

Baby Soul – Interested in peace but only on their terms.

Young Soul – Peace is considered to be the absence of war and hostility. Racism and nationalism exist, as does support for a perceived just and righteous war.

Mature Soul – Ready to compromise, understands both sides of an argument, will negotiate in good faith, respects the rights and sanctity of all people, supports justice for everyone along with non-violent resistance, and recognizes that true peace is found within.

Old Soul – Sees divinity in man and all inanimate/animate life forms, considers every human to be a brother and sister, recognizes creation as the illusory dance of the divine, and enjoys contentment in all of life’s adventures.

What is your definition of peace?

Establish the foundation for peace in your life. Raise individual and world consciousness. All four stages of inner silence along the path to enlightenment integrate the absolute into your life. Every step and every milestone is a blessing for peace.

The four types of Savikalpa Samadhi (non-permanent) are:

Vitsaranugat Samadhi – experience degrees of inner silence Vitarkanugat Samadhi – experience deep silence Anandanugat Samadhi – experience greater degrees of bliss and happiness

Atmikanugat Samadhi – experience the sense “I am” pure consciousness

Buddha Meditating

The fact that you are sensitive enough to hear the message about meditation (you are after all reading this post) means that you are well on your way toward establishing a firm foundation for peace.

Every act of kindness and positive thought gives a life supporting nudge to creation. All action has far reaching effects. A simple gesture of peace and reconciliation can affect multiple lives and change the trend of time on earth toward greater happiness and harmony. Be proud of yourself and take stock of your accomplishments. You don’t need to wait for enlightenment to dawn in your life to have a profound impact. Everyone can and should stand up today to be an ambassador for peace.

Practice meditation to hasten the day when you transcend the influence of nature (Prakrti). Bear witness to the activity of her qualities [Sattwa (creation), Rajas (preservation), and Tamas (destruction)] and remain untouched while established in the SELF. Sing the praises of Nirvikalpa Samadhi (permanent) as you help to bring forth days of greater joy.