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Power of Meditation and Spiritual Growth

The human race has blossomed into a multitude of diversity.

If in that diversity, we exercise a tendency to judge people, that indicates that our ego is locked in a cycle of prejudice and misunderstanding – we are not free.

Within the recognizable borders of our 257 nations, there are now 7.3 billion (people) different egoic views of the one same Earth-based reality that we all share.

The rules that govern our Universe are the natural laws of attraction and free will. Within those parameters, all of creation exists and continues to grow.

As human beings, we have many things in common. Our survival needs include nutrients (food), oxygen, water, a safe place to sleep, and shelter from the vicissitudes of atmospheric climate. Living organisms need to reproduce. The human body must be able to get rid of waste and nonessential items. A skeletal and muscular system is necessary so that our bodies can move from one place to another. Blood transports nourishment to every cell in our body. Our five senses feed us information about our environment and allow us to respond accordingly.

How we respond to others in life is referred to as our personal behavior and world view.

How is our behavior built, and what determines its attributes?

Every human being is a complexity born of multiple factors, which are….

1. Pure spirit, timeless and eternal, unmanifest conscious Being which exists at the seat of every individual.

2. Available information:
In our physical material manifested form, using our five senses (sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste), we collect knowledge about the world that we find ourselves living in. Factors such as race, religion, culture, degree of literacy, place of birth, and where we currently live, limit what information is available or given to us.

3. Decision-Making Process: This cognitive process takes place in the human mind & intellect, and are influenced by each individual’s available information and… – the level of consciousness and clarity of intelligence – the external pressure of parents and society – personal values, expectations, and past experiences – life lessons learned – individual differences

– and a host of other factors

4. Human Behavior:
Each individual’s behavior is based upon the quality of their decision-making process, which, in turn, is based upon the quality of their available information.

5. Ego – Individual Manifested Reality (your world view): Everyone views the world differently. That causes us to be loving, hateful, passive, aggressive, introverted, extroverted, deceitful, etc.

The quality of the condition which manifests in any society is based upon the aggregate rate of behavior within that society.

With the birth of the human ego also comes the delivery of the human attribute of judgment.

More specifically, why do we judge other people?

For one, we see ourselves as different from them. We have our behavioral traits, and so do they. Sometimes we see qualities in another person that we won’t tolerate for ourselves.

The world is a mirror of confusion. What you see is what you constructed for yourself based on your level of consciousness. What you witness and experience in the outer objective world, is simply a reflection of your subjective inner world. The world returns to you (like a mirror) what you give to it. – If you are hateful, you will predominantly see hate in the world. – If you are distrustful, you will support conspiracy theories. – If you are loving, you will see the good and divinity in all people

how true it is, that beauty is in the eye of the beholder

We may view a young mother, seemly neglecting her child, and judge her as unfit. But we don’t see her pain and struggle with stress, the pressures of no money, and how overwhelmed by it all, she feels.

We may view a homeless man wandering the streets and looking in the garbage for food. But don’t judge him as unfit and lazy for not having a job.
We don’t see his PTSD from fighting in the Iraq war, or from losing his job and house, or for living between a rock and a hard place. Maybe he has developed mental issues and has fallen into alcohol and drug addiction. As he battles his demons, we should instead extend a hand of love and compassion.

We may view a couple quarreling with each other, but don’t judge them for being a public spectacle.
Often nasty personal explosions start with minor digs. Hidden feelings and insecurities come bubbling into the open. We don’t know the history of how hurt and pain planted itself into their hearts. Longing for help is now an act of desperation. We don’t see the long journey to lasting love that they are on, so do not judge.

We may view some young boys taunted an old lady caring packages of bread home for her family. She was waking up a long and steep hill. “Why did she not just pay the 25-cents and take the bus home,” the boys chided.
The boys did not know that this woman is a recent immigrant to the country, has virtually no money, and is struggling to make every penny count. She walks to the thrift bread store twice every week to get day-old bread for less money. She balances her financial insecurity with providing for her family. We need to respect all people and not judge their actions.

We may view Ms. Success on the TV hawking her newest product guaranteed to save you time in the kitchen. “How much money does this gal need,” you may think to yourself as you focus on how “stuck up,” she appears to be. But don’t judge her unkindly, because she is not on top of the world as it may seem.
Ms. Success has always been driven by the fear of never being good enough. That started when she was young and could never get the respect of her father no matter what she accomplished. She has trapped herself in a never-ending cycle of good, better, and best. Nothing short of perfection haunts her every day. Judge not her struggle trying to liberate her wounded inner child.

We may view a coworker agonizing over an upcoming yearly performance evaluation. The evaluation is management’s view of how well a person has performed – meets or does not meet expectations. Don’t judge this worker as being inept and a loser just because you aced your evaluation. We don’t know the steep hill and fears faced that they had to climb, only to reach this spot.

Remember that all daily life struggles are self-created. We are responsible and have created the dream world that we find ourselves living in – even though sometimes it seems we have little control and few options.

We can undoubtedly practice judging less, and that’s admirable, but by approaching the problem on the level of the situation, only limited success, if any, will be achieved.

Self-awareness is the first step toward personal evolution and empowerment. But when we talk about self-development, we often refer to the refinement of thinking and intellect. Unfortunately, that still keeps us bound to the field of mind (time/space/causality), which is what we want to transcend.

What we need is self reorganization. That means changing the very cognition, state of consciousness that we have.

Growth of heart, compassion, and consciousness is an excellent way to “outgrow” the tendency to judge.

We will be judgmental as long as our ego, and world view primarily remains individualized and self-centered. Your mind imprisons us, and that in turn leads us to engage in destructive and further binding human activity.

But now it’s time to break free from our chains, continue self reorganization, develop consciousness thru meditation, and thereby enjoy greater empathy with the entire world.

The shackles of the ego are loosened and eventually broken thru spiritual pursuit and the regular practice of meditation. Meditate every day. Seek to become enlightened. Free yourself from the bondage of judgment and enjoy unlimited freedom.



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